what to buy in the credo / detox market sale 2019

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We’ve got heaps of ground to cover and like no time so let’s go.

Both sales are 20% off sitewide through Sunday, 10 Nov 2019

I recommend (and want to repurchase):

  • African Botanics*
    • Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum – $160 – this stuff is hydrating and firming and gorgeous. would repurchase if I had the extra money.
    • Rose Treatment Essence – $160 – luxe af. not necessary but super hydrating and just a pleasure to use. this is absolutely a “treat yoself” moment but if I had the spare coin I’d always have it on hand.
    • Fleurs D’Afrique Intensive Recovery Face Oil – $250 – this is the brand’s retinol serum and it does include retinol (vitamin a). My skin loves this stuff and I dont think I’ve seen better results in terms of skin texture in such a quick amount of time from any other product I’ve tried so far.
  • BYBI Beauty *
  • CV Skinlabs
    • Body Repair Lotion (credo) (TDM) – $36 – extremely dry bodies REJOICE. This stuff is industrial strength. nourishing and protecting without silicones. bless
  • Dedcool
    • Madonna (Lilly) Eau de Parfum – $130 – peppery. sandalwoody. unisex af. everyone smells good in this.
    • Coconut Milk Lip Balm – $14 – like a freshly opened can of coconut milk. good lord this stuff smells amazing and it works super well as a daytime balm. one of my faves.
  • Fitglow **
    • Lip Serum – $42 – HEAR ME OUT. This is NOT JUST a gloss!! This IS a treatment. The color range is gorgeous, sheer but buildable color payoff. The magic in these glosses is the sting-free plumping effect. Without any tingle, you feel your lips surging with hydration to levels you never thought possible and with that, your lips appear and FEEL fuller instantly. The price is insane but worth imo, and I would repurchase time and time again. THAT BEING SAID, and I know this is a post about credo and TDM but they do have a mini trio out for the cost of less than one full-sized product and I would highly recommend looking for one of those sets over buying here unless you know what full-sized color you’re after.
  • Honua **
    • Aloha Youth Serum – $58 – lightweight, hydrating, brightening. This serum is ride or die for me. Extremely effective, great for all skin types. You’ll love it, there’s no way you wouldn’t.
  • Innersense
    • honestly almost everything but ESPECIALLY (credo) (TDM)
    • Hydrating or Pure Harmony Hair Baths – $28
    • Hydrating or Pure Harmony Conditioners – $30
      • The Hydrating range is super heavy and great for ultra damaged, dry, dehydrated strands in need where Pure Harmony is great for all hair types or daily use
    • Quiet Calm Curl Control – $26 – soft, shiny, defined, frizz-free curls/waves
  • Kosas
    • Tinted Face Oil (credo) (TDM) – $42 – two drops is all it takes for me to get a perfect light coverage base. the finish is supremely skinlike and the color selection is forgiving. I wear 2.5 and it looks exactly like my skin after blending. This is my HG, effortless, foolproof, slap on with fingers without a mirror if necessary, base product. NOTE: product doesn’t play well with absolutely everything and pilling is reported with use over top water or silicone-based products.
    • Wet Lip Oil Gloss (credo) (TDM) – $27 – Not fully on board with this price point but damn these are magic. Super shiny, comfortable, and long-lasting. I have the colors Jellyfish, Malibu, and Dip and highly recommend all 3. NOTE: This is a more heavily scented lip product (a la the orange oil in the formula) and will irritate those with sensitive noses.
  • Mahalo **
    • The Petal Hydrating Mask – $95 – As the name suggests, a solid hydrating mask that makes my skin feel smoother and appear more even in tone.
    • The Bean Antioxidant Mask – $80 – my favorite pre-mixed mask on the market. an all around skin fixer. brightening, smoothing, skin clearing. i miss it so much.
  • Marie Veronique
    • Pre + Probiotic Daily Mist (credo) (TDM) – $40 – I still believe this is my all-time favorite HG face mist. If my skin ever had a frea`k out this stuff rebalanced me and got me back on track without any effort.
  • Mun
    • **SOLD OUT** Akwi Purifying Cleanser (credo) (TDM) – $65 – HG first cleanse. Milky, nourishing, moisturizing, emulsifying, unscented. It’s a damn dream.
  • Osea
    • Undaria Body Polish ** – $48 – HG body scrub. Smells like chamomile tea, the scrubbing particles are super fine and gentle but also effective af. The base leaves skin feeling nourished but not oily. You won’t make the next person up for a bath slip on product LOL
  • Osmia **
    • Lip Doctor – $12 – One of the absolute best balms on the market. PERIOD. Olive and avocado oil based make this a unique formula imo. No coconut oil! This stuff is serious
    • Night Body Oil – $64 – sup girl. You like lavender? Chamomile? Relaxation? This is the product for YOU. Seriously probably my absolute fave scent on the whole planet. This body oil is the epitome of calm.
  • One Love Organics
    • Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover (credo) (TDM) – $42 – I am early in this relationship with this cleanser but omg it is magic. SUPER silky on the skin, absolutely no tugging in this cleansing experience. Emulsifies into a milk and rinses clean leaving behind a totally film free, nourished face. NOTE: this is fragranced like pina colada, pleasant, but strong.
  • Ranavat
    • Mighty Majesty Hair Serum (credo) (TDM) – $55 – hands down the best hair oil/serum on the market!! HG status. The absolute ONLY jasmine scented item on the planet that I find appealing. Good lord this smells just like a real, fresh, jasmine plant and leaves your hair so nourished and shining like no other.
  • Tata Harper
    • Regenerating Cleanser (credo) (TDM) – $84 – we did it, we found my HG 2nd cleanse! I was without this for ages, found a sample in my stash, used it for the first time in months and instantly saw such a huge improvement in the brightness and texture of my skin. This will always and forever be in my collection from now on. It’s magic.
  • Tower 28 Beauty *
    • ShineOn Lip Jelly – $14 – perfectly priced, balmy, comfortable, super shiny, sheer color (like a gloss SHOULD be). I have the shade Fire and it’s a gorgeous warm orangey-red wash but I need them all tbh and at that price, I shall.

Have yet to try but really want to (wishlist)

*Only available at Credo
** Only available at the Detox Market