otherland candle trio review: rattan, canopy, kindling

otherland candle trio in Rattan Canopy and Kindling

We’re revisiting my impulse shopping issue today with a bit of an odd purchase for me. Aside from the fact that the packaging and branding is on point and everything I want in a product presentation (free shipping sealed the deal), this is an odd purchase for me.

I’m not realllllly a candle person. Its not like I’m anti but its more of, who has the time (3 seconds) to light a candle? Are people really so discontent with the smell of their homes naturally that they pay for wax piles to mask the naturally occurring scent. Perhaps these are smellier people than I. Perhaps these people live with smellier people than I. Will the acquisition and utilization of candles create some sort of scent dependency that makes me uncomfortable with the absence of a foreign scent? Idk idk, but I’ve never felt like i NEEEEDED a candle.

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