saie beauty brand review

saie glowy super gel and dew balm

I saw so many IG advertisements for this brand when they first launched, and I knew they would be big, so I felt a sense of responsibility to review their products as the next contender for Glossier.

As such, I believed that the brand deserved a critical eye, as I value the wallet of my audience, and I know its easy to be reigned in my packaging alone, and wow was Saie’s packaging appealing.

This resulted in me purchasing the full range, a bit much for a brand new brand, I know. But, seeing as how they had been receiving rave reviews from popular publications, I needed to know if it was real.

I’m going to go ahead and make this as to the point as I can get, I know why you’re here, the review, so let’s get to it:

brow butter

edit: since Saie has just updated their brow butter formula I thought I should update this section. I’ve tried the new formula in both clear and dark brown and it is much improved over the previous version.
It has some minor hold, and is no longer an oily mess. Think somewhere between a gel and a pomade now. Not crunchy, but not super soft either. I’m still not super loving the brush but I’ll Saie credit for listening to their customers and reformulating this product. It still isn’t noteworthy enough for me to suggest anyone buy this over boy brow, I prefer the brush on boy brow way too much, but if you’re already there and wanting to try more from this brand, I will no longer suggest you keep it out of your cart.

Let’s just get this out of the way. Of all the products Saie offers, this is the ONE I urge you to avoid. If you’re looking for a Glossier Boy Brow alternative, continue the search, this is not it.

To put it simply, this is a brow balm in the most literal of senses. It’s oily, the tint is minimal, it has no hold, it’s a bit messy. It IS nourishing, I’ll give it that. But if you need any degree of hold, definitely don’t spend your money on this. This is for people with perfect brows imo, that need a little definition or shine added.

liquid lip balm

This is ok. I could leave it there but I know you need to know more as a conscious consumer. It provides slip, as expected from a lip balm. It imparts a slight sheen. However, I feel that it falls short on the nourishment front. There are too many effective lip balms in this category to settle on this one in my opinion. It’s ok, but not worth the price tag in my opinion, and only worth the purchase if you’re already getting the full range out of curiousity.

mascara 101

Here we go, getting into the products I actually like. This is for a particular consumer though. You’ve got to love a natural lash, you can’t long for extreme length or volume. You’ve got to just want darker lashes and the SLIGHTEST bit of definition, this is amazing for me. It’s super nourishing and gives a perfectly natural lash. Your lashes WILL feel better after having worn this product, it’s that nourishing. Of course, as a more natural formula, it isn’t immune to crying or sweating but I haven’t had any issues with flaking, which is my deal breaker, so it’s a win in my book.

dew balms

I think all you need to know about this product is that you DO NOT need multiple colors. They’re so sheer, that the color differences aren’t noticeable enough on the skin to merit the coin expense.
Have a guess at which color would go best with your skin tone for a seamless, undetectable finish, mine is the bronze color, and purchase just the one.
A little goes a long way, the finish is more of a satin dew than a glossy dew in my opinion, there is something a bit “soft glow” about the finish it imparts. *This never sets, it will stay tacky on the skin*. Just a PSA:
The packaging is it’s largest downfall in my opinion, the metal tube is difficult to squeeze, and once you manage to get product out it’s almost always too much lol.

glowy super gel

Here we are, we made it, to the one product I think really sets this brand apart.
If you have been envious of all the girls who wear Glossier Futuredew but you’ve avoided it because it appears too greasy or you’ve been concerned about it breaking you out, this is your solution product.

The texture is more akin to a hydrating serum than anything, it’s light and sinks in quickly, leaving a non-sticky finish that just makes you appear more radiant.
True to the name, this is definitely more of a “glow” than a “dew”.

I love wearing this as a base under my foundation or even mixed in with my base to dilute the coverage and add some glow. It’s so easy to use, I haven’t had any issues with it pilling or disagreeing with any skincare or makeup formulations which is amazing since I’m not about finicky products.


This brand is fueled by hype but really has put out some noteworthy products that are worth your consideration, namely the Glowy Super Gel which was just released in a bronze version but I’ve yet to try it.

If you enjoyed this but wanna hear my more critical and unscripted take on the products feel free to watch my YouTube videos on the brand.

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Do you have any plans to try this brand? If you have, what has been your impression of them?