review: pollen cbd gummies

with pollen cbd gummies

I’ve just recently discovered this brand through my friend Ciera’s (@laviedefawn) Instagram stories. I’ll admit I was 100% drawn in by aesthetics, hats off to the @withpollen design team because the packaging and marketing of these gummies is unparalleled.

There are three flavor varieties available: Powerbank – Sour Cherry + Vanilla, Watermelon + Orange Zest, Coffee + Cacao; No Pressure – Pear + Turmeric, Berry + Peppercorn, Banana + Cinnamon; and my personal favorite Soothe You – Grapefruit + Honey, Cherry + Orange, Strawberry + Citrus.

The price is average at $45 for a pack of 30. I personally take 1-2 a day as needed. Some days I don’t take them at all if I’m planning on staying home and don’t have much on my plate, 1 on days where I may have things to do, 2 on days that feel inherently bad or I have to do something more taxing than usual like have a meeting. In my personal experience, a pack of 30 lasts me 20 days with normal use. I can see this lasting me 30 days perhaps more if I have a particularly decent month, but of course, your experience will completely depend on your needs.

If you’d like to pick up a pack to try use code “WITHARI” for 10% off your order.

with pollen cbd gummies

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