review: linne activate body wash

Yes, this is a body wash that deserves a totally dedicated post.

I received this body wash in a Beauty Heroes* box back in October of 2017 and I’ve honestly been rationing my usage of it because I am so not prepared with go without.

The Activate body wash is first and foremost a sensory experience for me. The site describes the scent profile as “Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Douglas Fir: Damp Woods, Resin, and Camphor” which to me translates to, taking a bath in some magical mud in the middle of some secret forest area. Whenever I bathe with this stuff I feel like this is how I imagine mystical forest folk or creatures must smell. The scent is natural, grounding, calming. I can honestly say this has made its way into my top 5 favorite scents of all time, the other 4 being – these haysacks filled with wildflowers that my mother used to use at a spa she worked at when I was in middle school, the Osmia Night body oil, Otherland’s Rattan candle, and the smell of wet decaying leaves in the fall.

Second to the scent is the texture, a thick, mud-like consistency that applies almost completely opaque black on the skin. Since I was a child I had always imagined how nice it must be to take a bath in mud and this body wash makes me feel like I’m experiencing that on a smaller, more luxe scale. I will say, this body wash will stain your fingernails for a short while unless you wash your hair afterwards, this seems to do the trick to get rid of the whole “I just climbed out of a grave” look.

This is a non-foaming body wash, which I love, that leaves the skin feeling clean and soft and not even a tiny bit stripped, dry or tight. It has fine, gentle exfoliating particles that really help smooth skin and reduce KP (a huge issue I have with my upper arms).

The price is steep at $48 for an 8 oz bottle, but in my opinion the sensory experience paired with how effective this product is at smoothing skin and reducing KP justifies the price point. Ultimately, I would class this as a “treatment” body wash because of how effective it is at improving the texture of your skin.

If you are looking for a basic in and out body wash, this is not for you.

But if you like long, luxurious baths and a body wash that deserves to be applied in candle light then I highly recommend the Linne Activate Body Wash.

Where to buy:


Beauty Heroes

The Detox Market  *

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