otherland candle trio review: rattan, canopy, kindling

otherland candle trio in Rattan Canopy and Kindling

We’re revisiting my impulse shopping issue today with a bit of an odd purchase for me. Aside from the fact that the packaging and branding is on point and everything I want in a product presentation (free shipping sealed the deal), this is an odd purchase for me.

I’m not realllllly a candle person. Its not like I’m anti but its more of, who has the time (3 seconds) to light a candle? Are people really so discontent with the smell of their homes naturally that they pay for wax piles to mask the naturally occurring scent. Perhaps these are smellier people than I. Perhaps these people live with smellier people than I. Will the acquisition and utilization of candles create some sort of scent dependency that makes me uncomfortable with the absence of a foreign scent? Idk idk, but I’ve never felt like i NEEEEDED a candle.

What I NEEEEDED was the experience of shopping, purchasing, unboxing and observing the art that Otherland has produced in the guise of a candle. at least thats how I felt.

Because I am an inexperienced candle purveyor, I have little knowledge as to what scent profiles please me. I know that I love fruit and fruit scents but I don’t want my entire home to smell sweet and foodlike. My fiance also shares the space with me, so I had to consider what scents he might like as well. Sandalwood, whats that? Clary sage, that sounds like something out of a video game, dope i’ll take that. So this entire experience was quite the journey for me as a consumer.

Now, don’t let my trigger happy shopping habits deceive you, I AM an informed buyer ( i hate making returns) and the Otherland candle descriptions are bare bones. Although that paints a cute picture, thats not my speed. I need DETAILS PEOPLE. So I requested the full note list from otherland via instagram and ofc I will be sharing that information with you my fellow candle noobs.

Im looking forward to honing in on my personal scent profile and gaining knowledge of perfumary notes to become an even more informed shopper in the future.

otherland candle top in Rattan

Packaging – I’m not really going to start a rating system because I find that results are relative, yea this is a 10/10 today but as packaging evolves perhaps in the future i wont rate it so highly. So lets just say this packaging is phenomenal (dramatic I know thats what I was going for). On the actual candle I will say, the lid that it comes with is cardboard with a rubber stopper, and as you use this lid the stopper will wear out and the fit will loosen significantly. I know this because in the first day of me getting these candles I went back and forth between scents huffing and capping and the Kindling cap stopped “plunging” if you will about 15 min into that. Once I start to burn these I don’t think that will be an issue because I don’t intend to recap all the time as that would be work and thats not my speed.

Scents – I won’t get into specifics right here (see below) but I will say I was pleased with each of the three candle scents I purchased. I fully expected to have been disappointed with one and I was ready to exchange my least favorite for Daybed (still might pick that one up), alas, I have no complaints. I think Otherland has done a fantastic job at curating scents that are easy and universally beautiful. Always wanted to burn a fire indoors? Pick up Kindling. Yearning for an herb garden but keep killing your plants? Canopy is for you. Do you love how men smell? Even my fiance concedes that Rattan smells like a man, and he likes it.

Burn – I read other candle reviews in preparation for this and found that this was an important section. Why? idk but here are my observations. I lit the first candle Canopy (the fiance’s pick) at 4:40 pm. The candle didn’t completely pool until 7:15 pm. Is that a long time? idk. just reporting the facts, ladies and gents. started to burn rattan at 7:35 pm, pool at somewhere around 10-11 pm, it was late. Subsequent burns didn’t take as long I will say, maybe an hour each go.

Throw  – I feel like there is definitely variation here based on scent  strength. Canopy being the weakest and although Kindling is the strongest scent profile I think that Rattan definitely carries it scent the furthest, I can even scent a small room by leaving Rattan uncapped.


Site description: Wood, Clove, Smoky

Full Notes: Clove, Vetiver, Tonka, Moss, Juniper, Alaskan Cedarwood, Guaiac Wood, Smoky Suede

My Impression: Smoke is definitely the first thing that hits you when you smell this candle. It does smell like a proper fire, brings back memories of summer or weekend camps as a child. Unburnt, I don’t smell much else but the smoke, its difficult to get past that scent but its inoffensive, very much a winter candle to burn if you feel like youre missing a fireplace in your life.

Fiance’s Impression: “I like the other one better (Canopy).”

Chandelier –

Site Description: Champagne, Saffron, Leather

Full Notes: Champagne Accord, Bulgarian Rose, Golden Saffron, Suede, Brushed Leather, Patchouli

Daybed –

Site Description: Rosebud, Peonies, Floral

Full Notes: Juicy Cassis, Pink Pepper, Peony Blossoms, Rose Buds, Summer Greens, Pear Water

Rattan –

Site Description: Sandalwood, Amber, Earthy

Full Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Cardamom, Violet Leaves, Tonka, Moss, Clary Sage, Elemi

My Impression: Definitely a grounding scent, and I find that this scent travels nicely without even burning it. This scent profile is definitely the one im least familiar with so I couldn’t tell you if the sandalwood or amber etc is popping out at me. Its sexy, almost like an expensive unisex perfume. The longer I use this the more I feel like “this is what the ideal home should smell like.” The founder of Otherland said that the creator of this scent also developed the legendary Le Labo Santal 26 – I’ve never given this a whiff but according to those who have, there is absolutely a likeness. Now I feel like I need to get me some Laundress Santal Detergent so I can envelope myself in this scent profile completely. Can you tell I’m obsessed with this candle? If you are thinking about making an Otherland purchase THIS IS MY RECCOMMENDATION.

Fiance’s Impression: “That smells like a dude.” (This later became his favorite scent of the 3)

Canopy –

Site Description: Fig, Ivy Greens, Fresh

Full Notes: California Fig, Bamboo Wood, Fresh Mint, Ambrox, Vanilla, Ivy Greens

My Impression: A vanilla laced herb garden. The greens are sharp and peek through. The vanilla is constant and soft, not overpowering at all. I get little surprise pops of mint. Greens and vanilla are definitely the most prominent scents to me. This candle is the lightest of the three scents when burning.

Fiance’s Impression: “That smells good.”


You NEED Rattan. Don’t sleep on it.

I would LOVE some recommendations on Overose and Boy Smells candle scents so feel free to leave me your recs.

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