monastery lapiz matte body oil review

I think I can safely start this review out at an 11 – this is a forever product for me and one of the greatest beauty discoveries of the year (there are 3 of these in total at the moment).

The Monastery Lapiz oil is, for me, a luxurious trip down a sensorial nostalgia lane.

Of course, the first noticeable quality of this oil is its striking cornflower blue color. It sits like a gem on any vanity and begs you to use it – and you will oblige. Ok, I’m kind of boring myself, I don’t even know if I want to touch on the texture because everything really is an afterthought to the fragrance, I was just stalling for content.

THE FRAGRANCE, as mentioned in my Instagram post raving about this product, is a more sophisticated take on the childhood classic “Fruit Stripe” gum.  I would pause for effect and response but that isn’t possible in this format so I will continue, and hear me out. I mean this as the highest compliment. I am aware I’m talking about a cheap gum that lost its flavor 20 seconds into the experience, but let’s all acknowledge that those first 20 seconds were magic.  So imagine that magic BOTTLED, and in a spreadable form that was encouraged to slather all over your body. Now you get it?

It’s fruity and light with a tang and a dash of mint that is just present enough to cut through the sweet and end on a more polished note and I am obsessed.

I suppose we can touch on the texture but really, it could feel like chicken grease and I would still rate this highly due to the sensorial experience alone. But what the heck, let’s go for it, because thankfully I’m not making any concessions in this category either. 

THE TEXTURE, is described as matte, and I’m not sure if I wholly agree with that as I do find there to be a slight, healthy sheen present on my skin after application, but I will say that this sinks in beautifully and leaves a totally non-sticky finish. I don’t think I’ll recommend you throw on a silk top immediately after application, but I can comfortably slather this on and jump into some athletic tights not 5 minutes after. I personally like to top this with an additional body lotion or cream because I’m a fan of the slug life, but if you are into lightweight, fast absorbing formulas then you’ll be pleased.

This oil has officially earned a spot in my HG products and in my opinion, is probably one of the best gifts you can get a body care lover this holiday season *wink wink I’m looking at my fiance here wink*

*not sponsored. I purchased this product myself*

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