billie razor + body products

Look at this packaging and tell me you don’t need this right now in your life. No? Ok well I have an impulse shopping issue and a weak spot for on point branding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I want to address really quickly that the Billie branding DOES resemble the drugstore weightloss pill Alli in my opinon BUT I was always kind of drawn to the alli branding so I’m not mad at it.

Within an hour of seeing a post of this beautiful razor (discovered via @hellojewlie) on @ameliaasays instagram (discovered via @sharmtoaster) I purchased the entire range. The longest decision made in the process? Selection of my razor color ofc. Ultimately I went with grandma-bathroom-tile-pink because it goes with my bathroom decor (insert photo of razor/curtain/rug).

I visited the brand page with a healthy skepticism and an open mind to purchase a new razor. My current razor, a blue Gillette Venus is getting quite old and cartridges for that guy are obscenely expensive. Compared to the older mainstream model, the Billie razor is sleek, simple and instagrammable af.

The body products offered by Billie were completely in the fog of war for me until checkout. I figured hey, might as well give the old once over on the ingredient list and that is where I really got sold.

I prefer my beauty products to err on the natural side, minimal ingredient lists of substances I’m familiar with, and yes this does come with a willingness to pay a little extra for the goodies. The ingredient list for all three body products – lotion, shave cream and wash – were much better than conventional products, not quite eco but definitely more conscious and that’s what I require. The pricing was incredibly reasonable considering I have been planning on repurchasing a $45 body wash that, yes, is worth the price in my opinion.

I have included a TLDR; at the bottom of this post because its about to get REAL detailed in here.

Packaging: Since the packaging across the range is pretty uniform, I thought I would address it outside of the individual product thoughts section. There is one issue I have with the packaging and that is consistency. This may sound picky af and hyper critical (because it kind of is. [in no way are these opinions connected to the performance of the products but rather the experience of the brand which is something I find to be important and yes this IS hyyypercritical so take that with a grain of salt]) but I find it fascinating. Cohesion is important and I find these two variances to be pretty egregious. Not a deal breaker just a hiccup in my experience of the brand.

Logo – The logo is horizontal on the lotion bottle and vertical on the body wash/shaving cream. I’m sure they tested having vertical text on the lotion and horizontal on the shower products and it just didn’t work for whatever reason but this kind of bugs me when I place these products side by side. 2/3 with the same logo placement and one odd one out.

Shape – The lotion and shaving cream have rounded bottles while the body wash has almost a flat top with a clear edge making it more of a true cylinder shape. Again, I’m sure there might be a reason for this but when all three products are placed together it has an odd flow to them. 2/3 with the same bottle profiling and one odd one out.

sudsy body wash 9$ 12 oz

Scent – Light to indistinguishable. I didn’t get much of anything. This is not a bad thing, I’d rather have no scent than something horrible, BUT, as a bath person I like my bathing experience to be AN EXPERIENCE. So personally, I would like my body wash to bring something to the table. As I sit here and huff the bottle, I get very faint soapy grapefruit but I personally didn’t find this to translate well on the body. All that being said, I very much appreciate the absence of perfume from the ingredient list. The grapefruit scent comes from grapefruit oil, easy. Formulas like this excite me because easy ingredient lists make it easier for sensitive/allergic skin users to determine if the product will work for them.

Suds – The application of this product was very nice. It spread easily, meaning you don’t need heaps of product at a time. The lather is rich and creamy,you might be able to use this in place of the shaving cream and the company seems to think so as well (its suggested on the label).

Shave  – Since the company suggests that you can use this in lieu of the shaving cream I thought I’d give that a  go and do a 50/50 shave on my legs. Right leg shaving cream and left leg body wash. The lather is nice BUT not as rich as the shaving cream. Unlike the shaving cream, you don’t need to rinse your razor between passes. Overall I found the wash to be a more economical but less luxurious option for shaving your legs.

Rinse – There is a bit of slip in the rinse off of this wash. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped or coated, just slippy if that makes sense. There are definitely ingredients at work here that give you that moisturized feeling post wash which is my preference. Comparatively, the wash rinses leaving a more moisturized feeling than the shave cream.

the shave cream 8$ 5.5 oz

Scent – The scent is much like the wash so I won’t touch on this too much. Light to indistinguishable. Inoffensive and essential oil (not perfume) based. I do find this grapefruit scent to be a little more pleasant than the body wash since it doesn’t have that accompanying soapy note. Can’t be mad or impressed by it. Meh at the smell, pleased with the ingredients.

Lather – This product application is so strange and unexpected. The product is like a light, soapy, lotion texture. It’s hard to describe, it sticks to itself like a soap but has a lotiony quality to it, almost like a pour-able marshmallow fluff. I’m not mad at it, its just different from any other shaving cream Ive used in the past. The shaving cream produces a much richer lather than the wash that adheres to the skin a bit better. I used a quarter sized amount for the lower leg and another quarter for the upper. The product seemed to like to foam better on skin that wasn’t sopping wet.

Shave – On the side using the shaving cream I found that I had to rinse my razor between each pass. If I didn’t the razor wouldn’t shave anything off and the combination of the aloe strip on the razor + shaving cream building up would create a thick membranous barrier which isn’t a bad thing just counterproductive in shaving. So pass, rinse, pass, rinse. After I got the hang of that I found that despite this I enjoyed the shaving experience using the cream more than the wash.

Rinse –  The shave cream rinses a lot more cleanly than the wash, leaving a less moisturized almost dry touch finish that is typical in shave creams. I hope you know what I mean. It isn’t drying just not slippy.

dry-bye body lotion 12$ 8oz

Scent – Very light grapefruit peel scent. You can smell it a bit more in the lotion than the other products, perhaps since you aren’t mixing this medium with water. Very light and pleasant.  For daytime I prefer my lotions to be lighter to absent in scent so as not to compete with any fragrance I might choose to wear so this is definitely my preference.

Application – Caution, do not apply this to wet skin. Completely foreign to me as I always apply my body creams/oils after a light pat down out of the shower, but I found this formula to go white when applied on top of damp skin and I had to work at it a bit to get it to fully absorb. A dry/mostly dry skin application is what I would recommend with this product. For reference, I use a full pump per leg.

Dry Down – 100% a lotion for the person who HATES being sticky or greasy (I love being greasy so this isn’t exactly my cup). The lotion absorbs/dries down very quickly to what I would consider to be an invisible finish.  You should have no issues with clothing sticking to this formula after the dry down or with this lotion creating oil spots in silken pieces if that’s your jam. I wouldn’t class this as a super moisturizing formula but rather a passable, comfortable, “just enough” formula. I personally would never be able to use this as my main body lotion BUT what I do find this product to be nice for is a midday application of moisture as it is – not messy, easily spreadable on dry skin and fast absorbing. I tried out beefing this formula up with a couple pumps of argan oil mixed in and the lotion played well with the added oils.

the razor 9$

Sub – The star of the show comes packaged as a subscription option. The initial starter pack comes with the razor handle, two cartridges and a magnetic razor holder  to place on the wall of your shower for 9$ total. After the initial delivery, Billie will send 4 cartridges at a time on a schedule of your choosing for the same rate of 9$. You also have the option add any of the Billie body products to the subscription so you’ll always be fully stocked.

Appearance/Feel – If you’ve ever found yourself yearning for a more instagrammable shaving experience, this is your answer (/s). In all seriousness, this razor is the prettiest I’ve ever owned. The added luxe factor of keeping your razor on a minimalist, magnetic, color coordinated, wall mounted holder really adds to the experience of elevated self care. While the top side of the razor has a shiny finish, the underside is rubbery and very shower friendly grip-wise.

Shave – Coming from a Gillette Venus razor, the Billie has a lot more aloe strip to go around. One of my gripes with conventional razors was that the aloe strip never really lasted very long for me. The Billie has an aloe chunk all the way around the head, think Schick Intuition but sleek. The head lays super flat against the body so there isn’t any confusion about the optimal shaving angle. On larger areas I felt completely comfortable with the shaving experience and this will take the spot for my main razor from here on out. On delicate, knobby bits such as wrist/ankle bones and knees I will continue to practice caution as the blades are indeed very sharp but I’m a cautious person by nature so this is normal.


Now that you’ve made it this far, I’ll try and be brief with my final thoughts.

Would I suggest this brand? Yes. I suggest this brand to anyone who finds their current razor to be overpriced and would like to upgrade their bathroom aesthetics. The body care products are definitely an afterthought for me in the product lineup since I don’t find them to be extraordinary, and I am the type of person who would spend more on a product for the elevated experience.

That being said, if you like basic, minimal products that work, at a great price point, and you wish to get all your shaving/body products from the same place, mailed to your doorstep on a schedule, you’ve found your solution.

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